Anthony Sinclair

Black Solid 4 Ply "Airesco" Suiting


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Introducing Airesco, a dynamic collection of suiting fabrics crafted from 3 and 4 ply yarns, featuring a plain weave construction and available in various weights. Setting it apart from other offerings in the Holland & Sherry range, Airesco boasts a distinctive character thanks to its unique yarn-to-construction relationship and a palette ranging from classic blues and greys to contemporary reds, greens, and aubergine tones.

The yarns' coarse yet resilient nature creates an open, durable structure, allowing light to filter through and promoting airflow for comfort even in warmer climates. With superior strength qualities, Airesco fabrics meet both wear and drape requirements, making them an ideal choice for travel and summer business attire.

This cloth weighs in at 280gm/8.5 oz and is crafted from 4 ply worsted.

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