Anthony Sinclair

Blue Mock Glen Check (Plaid) "Crystal Springs" Jacketing


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Introducing Crystal Springs Luxury Jacketing: a spring-summer updated ensemble featuring window-pane and mock glen-check designs, boasting a palette of captivating colours ranging from contemporary to timeless classics. Crafted from a blend of wool, silk, and linen, these fabrics are meticulously woven in plain weave or twill construction to cater to diverse tastes.

What sets this collection apart is the ingenious dyeing process, where each yarn reacts uniquely to the colours, resulting in a rich tapestry of complementary shades. When expertly tailored, these fabrics yield statement pieces that exude freshness and sophistication, ideal for a vibrant summer wardrobe. The wool-silk-linen blends offer a crisp, textured feel, embodying the relaxed elegance synonymous with bespoke tailoring.

Weight: 240gm | 7.5oz

Composition: 100% S130's WO

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