Anthony Sinclair

Dark Grey/Blue Multi Windowpane "Ascot Soft Touch & Classics" Jacketing


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Introducing the premier jacketing collection from Holland & Sherry, blending the sophistication of Ascot Soft Touch with the timeless charm of Ascot Classics. This range caters to those who seek a modern interpretation of classic style.

Ascot Soft Touch stands out for its luxurious finish achieved through meticulous fabric treatment, offering a sumptuously soft handle. In contrast, Ascot Classics boasts a crisp, refined finish, emblematic of traditional bespoke tailoring.

Crafted with a 2/2 twill weave construction and utilising 60/2 new metric yarn, these fabrics ensure enhanced body, warmth, and stability. With a versatile cloth weight ranging from 280 to 310gm, they are suitable for year-round wear in various climates. Perfect for both rural and urban settings, these fabrics exude a contemporary appeal, effortlessly combining style with functionality.

This cloth weighs in at 280/310gm 9/10oz and is crafted from 100% Wool Worsted.

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